[June-early July Presale] Spring Bouquet Club

Hello Spring! In it's second year, the Spring Bouquet Club has many of the vibrant flowers of 2021 plus some new additions. 


The Spring Bouquet Club will include 3, 4, 5 or 6 discounted 25-stem bouquets of seasonal spring flowers over a 6 week span. Choose all drop down options to see the true prices.


The start date is expected to be the first week of June, but will be dependant on the nature and the arrival of the flowers and could be brought up to mid-May. The Spring Bouquet Club will go through mid-July, at which point the Summer Bouquet Club will begin.


Each bouquet will include a mix of what is growing at the time, and each week will bring new flowers as they start growing. Bouquets will feature peony, rose, and if available, ranunculus and anemone, along with a vibrant mix that can include: snapdragon, sweet pea, strawflower, yarrow, bee balm, dianthus, statice, stock, pincushion, bachelors button, black eyed susan, queen anne’s lace, white dill, yellow dill, bupleurum, cress, larkspur, basil, bells of Ireland, mignonette. *If there is a flower you don’t care for, please indicate that in the notes.


After signing up for the bouquet club, you will be on the VIP list to receive the first flowers growing. As the arrival of the flowers get closer, you will receive communication as to the expected start date. You can also expect to receive communication each week to confirm your pickup or delivery date. 

Flowers will be picked fresh and held in water. Flowers will be wrapped in kraft paper right before your arrival or delivery unless you bring a vessel or buy a 64oz canning jar or other jar to transport the flowers. If you do choose to purchase a canning jar or vase, bring it back or leave it out each week to swap with a fresh one. If you have something you want to use, put the code WRAPMESPRING in at checkout for an $8 jar discount (just make sure to bring it or leave it out with water if opting for delivery). 


If you would like to upgrade to a sleek minimalist vase or hobnail vase, use the discount above and add a differnet vase to your cart. These vases can be swapped out each week instead of the canning jar. 


* This subscription is considered a CSA subscription, which stands for Customer Supported Agriculture. As a bouquet subscription CSA holder, you are considered an investor in the farm. Please note that we do not offer refunds for subscriptions as there are only a select number available. However, in extreme weather or other circumstances, accommodations will be made. If you are not able to pick up a bouquet or other emergency, contact me for arrangements. Subscriptions are for 2022 only.

[June-early July Presale] Spring Bouquet Club

PriceFrom $78.00
  • Bouquets can be picked up from Floating Feather Farm. If you have a pickup date/time preference, let me know and I will be in touch to work out the details. 

  • We are offering weekly delivery for subscriptions for a discounted flat fee ($10/week) outside of Eagle or free within Eagle. Indicate your date/time preference.

    Delivery is available for Eagle, Garden City, Meridian, Boise, Middleton, Nampa. If you choose the delivery subscription option, don’t choose delivery again when adding to your cart. The delivery option will come with one jar. At the second delivery, simply leave the jar on your porch and I will swap it with a new one! Read more about delivery.