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- est. 2020 -

est. 2020

With a love of flowers’ small luxury, I had been purchasing flowers weekly for my kitchen table for years. However, I found that I wasn’t happy with the quality and selection of flowers available in grocery or specialty stores that were flown in. I wanted bouquets that were longer lasting as well as more unique. I also love gardening and having a creative outlet. With the thought that others also wanted higher-quality blooms in a variety of colors and textures, I started Floating Feather Farm. Thank you for supporting a local small business!

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Floating Feather Farm is a small, urban micro-farm in Eagle, Idaho, with the goal of bringing more frequent beauty to people with locally grown, unique flowers that are beautifully arranged. 

I have always loved to make things and create things. While I grow food that I prepare and can for my family, flowers bring me the most joy. Not only is it such as satisfaction to grow flowers, I also love to share their beauty with others. 

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100% Organic, Locally Grown on Location

Unique flowers in a mix of vibrant and pastel shades are hand-selected and grown by seed. The flowers grown aren't easily found because they don't ship well, but they also aren’t unrecognizable. A variety of shapes are chosen that make for interesting-looking bouquets. 


Seeds are chosen each year that have brought past success or future inspiration. Bulbs and tubers such as tulips, narcissus, and dahlia are also started each year, and perennial plants are utilized as well. Seeds are started and nurtured inside until they are ready to plant in-ground. Everything is grown organically.

Harvested Fresh & Artfully Arranged

Because the flowers are grown and harvested in Eagle, ID, they are the freshest possible blooms, which means a longer vase life and better looking flowers compared to flowers flown in, or even those driven in from other states.


Bouquets are customized by color preference, as well as by what is currently growing abundantly. Flower availability depends on the season, with different options available in the spring, summer and early fall. Once the flowers are chosen for a bouquet, I arrange them to look their best, looking both at color and shape. My hope is that you will not only take home beautiful flowers, you will also love the arrangement.

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In addition to flower bouquets, seasonal items are also available including winter greenery pots, spring bulb pots, baked goods, and other fun items. 

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